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Commercial Insurance Tips

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What Type of Commercial Insurance Do Florida Business Owners Need?

If you own a business you need to have a comprehensive insurance portfolio to cover a plethora of different claims that can arise during the course of owning a business.  While you never want to experience a loss, some losses simply cannot be avoided no matter how proactive you are.  The entire purpose of buying insurance to recover financially from an unintentional loss so you do not have to pay out-of-pocket.  If you are not sure what type of commercial insurance you need to carry in Florida, make sure you review the various types of business insurance that are available.  Surprisingly, there may be a number of different policies that you need that you are not currently carrying.

Commercial Property Insurance

You carry property insurance to cover your home.  Commercial property insurance in Florida is designed to protect the structure where you conduct business.  If you own the building where you operate, you will need a comprehensive plan that covers the entire building.  If you are renting the property, the landlord will require you to carry a tenant’s property insurance policy.  A tenant’s policy is more affordable because it only covers tenant improvements and not the entire building.  Some benefits of carrying property insurance when you are renting include coverage for loss of earnings when the building you are renting is not inhabitable.  Property insurance will also include coverage for business property, furnishings, and merchandise that is stored onsite.

Commercial General Liability Insurance in Florida

If you have property insurance, you do have liability coverage built into the policy.  You might wonder why you would need general liability insurance when you are already carrying a form of liability cover?  Businesses invest in general liability insurance because it gives added protection in the event that a third-party person is injured or their property is damaged by the business.  This type of insurance also covers libel, slander, and defamation.  If you do not have enough liability insurance protecting your business, you may spend thousands of dollars and years in court trying to defend yourself as a defendant.

Commercial Flood Insurance to Protect Property and Merchandise

Did you know that property insurance policies specifically exclude flooding and mudslides.  This means that you must carry commercial flood insurance in Florida to have any type of coverage in the event of a claim.  A flood is defined as water that has overflowed onto two or more properties.  This means that the flood occurring in your building would have to overflow off of the property to be considered a covered flood.  Flood insurance policies are nationally mandated and premiums are calculated based on flood zones.  If you are in a risky zone, you will pay higher premiums.  You can opt for a policy that covers only property, only contents, or both.  The deductible will be a high percentage of the damage sustained because of the flood.

Specialized Commercial Equipment Insurance

If you use special equipment, you need to list this equipment specifically or invest in a special rider.  Machine tools, printing equipment, restaurant equipment, dental equipment, computers, agricultural equipment, vending machines, and construction equipment are all types of machines that must be covered.  Considering the value of this equipment, there is no reason it should not be protected against unexpected loss.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

You also need to protect your employees.  In the state of Florida, in most cases you must carry work comp insurance if you have 4 or more full-time employees.  This insurance will cover all reasonable costs for medical treatment when the employee is injured on the job.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of business insurance that you must carry to keep your business protected.  Failing to purchase just one of the essential policies could close your doors for good in the tragic event that you have to file a claim.  Meet with an experienced commercial agent and review your insurance portfolio for holes.

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