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Commercial Insurance Tips

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What Type of Commercial Insurance Do Florida Business Owners Need?

If you own a business you need to have a comprehensive insurance portfolio to cover a plethora of different claims that can arise during the course of owning a business.  While you never want to experience a loss, some losses simply cannot be avoided no matter how proactive you are.  The entire purpose of buying […]

Understanding Florida’s Workers Compensation Insurance

If you are planning on starting a business in Florida it is time to start researching Worker’s Compensation Insurance laws.  All business owners must invest in work comp insurance to protect their employees in the event that they are injured during the course of doing business.  Business owners who do not comply must pay penalties […]

Workers Compensation in Florida: What You Need to Know

The state of Florida requires that employers carry worker’s compensation insurance to cover partial wage-replacement benefits as well as medical benefits for employees who are injured in a work related accident. The program is administered by the Division of Worker’s Compensation a branch of the Department of Financial Services of Florida. There are two sets […]