Florida Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance

Mid Florida Insurance Professionals is a Tampa based commercial insurance company consisting of 2nd and 3rd generation insurance professionals. We strive to assist our clients in finding the lowest rates and most comprehensive business insurance plans in the property and casualty insurance industry.

Our staff spend a tremendous amount of time testing new ideas and strategies to endorse policies, thereby offering the most suitable options for our clients on all aspects of each and every individual risk. Our research and development division is vital to our agency and our ultimate mission statement.

We specialize in Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Automobile, Workers Compensation and Commercial Equipment coverage for the Tampa Bay area. Every business that our agency encounters, whether new or established, is steered on the best possible course to that business’s destination by evaluating all potential risk factors.

Mid Florida Insurance Professionals also offers options on wind deductibles with A rated insurance companies other than Citizens Insurance unlike most other insurance agencies. Risk Management is our expertise.

Every business’s destination is to succeed and become prominent in that particular industry.  Mid Florida Insurance Professionals will help proper direction via appropriate risk management decisions. All of our staff are 120, 218, 220 & 440 licensed agents.

Our mission is simple. Our ongoing pursuit is determined by the success and security of our clients. Property and Casualty insurance is cyclical in nature as to each and every insurance carriers rates, premiums, policy limitations and brokerage agreements. Insurance carriers constantly change policies and their provisions. Therefore, it is necessary to be on a full watch for insurance company price changes to understand their reasoning and to provide alternatives whenever possible.

Our agency monitors every clients situation on a quarterly basis helping the business’s insurance premiums stay static in conjunction with the proper premium determination. If a particular business experiences a downward trend in revenues due to unforeseen circumstances, our agency will contact their insurance companies endorsing the premium exposure downward as well, rather than waiting at the end of policy term for return on their premium via audit.

Mid Florida Insurance Professionals of Tampa Bay strives to keep it’s clients from having General Liability and Workers Compensation audits. This is what makes our agency different from the rest of our competitive agencies.

Integrity and honesty are what Mid Florida Insurance Professionals stand for and what we offer out clients.

We stand by our reputation and pride ourselves in the experience, knowledge and dedication of our staff. We are Tampa’s experts in the Property and Casualty industry. If Mid Florida Insurance Professionals cannot provide the best solution with the best insurance company, we will help you find the solution with another broker. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation (813) 962-3082.