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Commercial Insurance Tips

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What Does Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

If you are planning on starting a business in Florida it is time to start researching Worker’s Compensation Insurance laws.  All business owners must invest in work comp insurance to protect their employees in the event that they are injured during the course of doing business.  Business owners who do not comply must pay penalties […]

Don’t Risk It: Get Commercial Flood Insurance For Your Company

In many parts of the world where floods are experienced on a regular basis, commercial flood insurance is a necessity. It is very risky for business owners in the State of Florida to operate without this type of cover. This is because floods can cause extensive damage to buildings and their contents. According to official […]

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Quality Commercial Insurance Policy

If you own a business you need to have a comprehensive insurance portfolio to cover a plethora of different claims that can arise during the course of owning a business.  While you never want to experience a loss, some losses simply cannot be avoided no matter how proactive you are.  The entire purpose of buying […]

Cover Your Heavy Equipment Liability with Commercial Equipment Insurance

Understanding Commercial Equipment Insurance  Commercial equipment insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing business equipment when loss or damage occurs. If you own a business that relies on machines, heavy equipment, or specialty tools, purchasing commercial equipment coverage is vital. It is especially important to purchase this insurance if you run your company on […]

Pro Tips for Finding Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial insurance is a necessary expense for any small business. However, many business owners do not know much about insurance policies for businesses and just how much coverage will suffice.  With other major decisions, like your location or who you hire, you’ll be able to see pretty quickly if you’ve made the right decision. If […]

Why Your Company Needs a General Liability Insurance Policy

Today’s society is so litigious, and consumers are so knowledgeable about their rights, that you as a business owner can never predict when a lawsuit may come your way. Such a lawsuit, if it succeeded, could completely devastate your business. You cannot avoid the risk of this happening, but you can and should take out […]

Commercial Property Insurance Requirements in Florida

With beautiful beaches, ample tourist attractions, and a prosperous business climate, many companies choose Florida for the best chances to profit and grow their business. But Florida also has high risk. The weather is often unpredictable with tropical storms, wind, rain and flooding. In 2018 alone there were over 1 million insurance claims with a […]

Commercial Insurance for New Businesses

There are dozens of types of commercial insurance available, but you don’t need to buy all of them to start a successful business. Since every business is unique, you will need to design a custom insurance package that provides the level of protection you need. Listed below are five essential commercial insurance plans to help […]