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Every business that our agency encounters, whether new or established, is steered on the best possible course to that business’s destination by evaluating all potential risk factors.
Mid Florida Insurance Professionals also offers options on wind deductibles with A-rated insurance companies other than Citizens Insurance, unlike most other insurance agencies. Risk Management is our expertise.
Every business’s destination is to succeed and become prominent in that particular industry. Mid Florida Insurance Professionals will help you find proper direction via appropriate risk management decisions. All of our staff are 120, 218, 220 & 440 licensed agents.


Mid Florida Insurance specializes in a variety of commercial insurance products. Take a closer look at our approach to each!


Commercial General Liability

If your business can have only one form of insurance, it should probably be Commercial General Liability. Speak with one of our agents for a consultation!


Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance protects your commercial property against destruction or damage. Individual insurers and policy will vary depending on the cause of damage.


Commercial Equipment

Commercial Equipment Insurance is a separate policy which meets your cost of replacing or repairing your commercial business equipment in case of damage.


Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses commercial vehicles, you will need commercial auto coverage. Your coverage will be based on the number of vehicles and drivers that need to be insured.


Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a benefit to both employer as well as employee. One of the most important benefits from having this insurance is it will protect you from lawsuits and legal liabilities.


Commercial Flood Insurance

Flooding can occur anytime and it’s an extremely damaging element no matter what part of the country you live in.

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Mid Florida Insurance Professionals of Tampa Bay strives to keep it’s clients from having General Liability and Workers Compensation audits. This is what makes our agency different from the rest of our competitive agencies.

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