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Business Insurance Indemnifies Owners Against Assorted Perils


Tampa Bay Commercial Insurance Summed Up in One Article

Misconceptions and half-truths often characterize business owners’ understanding of business insurance matters. Sole proprietors and business partners face a number of operating risks. Injury claims have become exceedingly common, fueled by anecdotal evidence of huge cash awards. Lawyers offer contingency representation that facilitates people filing suits, often for frivolous or fraudulent reasons.

Courts sometimes award plaintiffs exorbitant awards, and owners that have been found liable could loose their businesses, personal assets, homes, and reputations. Liens continue until settled, and determined plaintiffs can renew them. Courts can seize bank accounts, cash, and personal property to settle these judgments. Commercial liability insurance offers protection from claims of injuries or property damage occurring on business property.

The corporate business structure will not protect limited liability corporation owners from summary judgments. Courts can and do remove the veil of corporate protection under certain circumstances. Insurance coverage, however, offers protection against almost any possible risk. These policies can be tailored to specific industry needs, and package deals offer comprehensive coverage options at reduced rates.

Types of Commercial Insurance Agency Coverage

Choosing the right coverage makes sound financial sense, and some types of coverage might be mandatory for certain types of businesses. Types of coverage include the following options.

  • Workers Compensation
    This coverage is mandatory for companies that employ workers in most states. The insurance covers medical claims for employee injuries while working on the company premises. The coverage extends to include off-premise injuries when employers require workers to travel. Workers compensation premiums are based on payroll, and owners estimate their annual payrolls each year and must adjust premiums when the actual figures have been determined.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
    This coverage protects against customer claims when they suffer injuries or property damage while on company premises. The coverage pays medical bills, costs of property damage, and negligence awards. Liability insurance also offers protection against libel, slander, and the legal costs of defending companies against claims.
  • Commercial Property Insurance
    This protection covers company property against fires, natural disasters, thefts, vandalism, smoke damage, and other hazards. Loss can include buildings, company papers, cash, business interruption, and lost income due to supplier failures.

    • All-risk policies cover multiple risks except those perils specifically excluded. Most small businesses choose these plans for the comprehensive protections they afford.
    • Peril-specific coverage only covers the specific incidents mentioned in the policy. The premiums cost less, so these policies make good choices for businesses that face fewer risks.
  • Commercial Automobile Insurance
    Businesses that use vehicles in the course of operations need commercial auto insurance because personal auto policies will not cover accidents if underwriters determine that incidents occurred during business use. The policies not only provide protection for personal injuries and property damage but also cover auto damage and loss of use until replacements are made.
  • Commercial Flood Insurance
    Flood insurance always comes as a separate, independent policy. Some areas run little risk of flooding, while others in low-lying areas risk flood damage on a yearly basis. Some businesses at risk fail to take out this essential protection, assuming federal assistance should disasters strike. However, the government might require disaster-area businesses to obtain future flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program.
    Most flood policies cover the following situations.

    • Building damages and contents.
    • Cleanup and repairs after floods recede, including painting and debris removal.
    • Sandbagging to prevent or limit flood damage.
  • Commercial Equipment  Insurance
    Commercial equipment includes stationary and mobile equipment used in a business. Owners can choose from a variety of industry-specific policies and coverage options. Some owners only cover replacement or repair costs for breakdowns, but some equipment might cause injuries or property damage and need indemnity coverage. Insurance providers refuse to insure certain types of high-risk equipment, including underground apparatus.
  • Home Business Coverage
    More people work from home than ever before due to computers and online business opportunities. Working from home creates less stressful lifestyles, but these companies still must protect themselves. Home businesses face many of the same risks that traditional firms must handle.
    Personal insurance will not cover home-business use. The use of a personal automobile faces the same requirements at home as any retail location. The law prohibits some high-risk businesses from operating out of residential locations for zoning or safety reasons. In these cases, insurance coverage will not pay for businesses operating illegally.

Other Optional Coverage

A variety of optional coverage options furnish custom protection. These options include the follow special types of coverage.

  • Errors and Omissions
    This coverage provides protection from claims arising from failing to perform professional services as promised.
  • Life and Disability Insurance
    This coverage protects against the death or injury of a key employee or business partner. These policies allow surviving partners to buy out the deceased’s interest in the business, among other coverage options.
  • Scripted Policies
    Some businesses have special needs. For example, businesses that rely on physical abilities of a partner or employee might need to insure legs, arms, diving capabilities, or driving skills. Scripted policies can be tailored to cover an amazing variety of unusual, situations.

Business insurance offers a variety of custom-tailored options. Risk is substantial, and insurance coverage can address almost any eventuality imaginable. Give Mid Florida Insurance Professionals a Call at: (813) 962-3082 We’re third generation of insurance professions with the knowledge and skills to get the coverage you need at the best prices available.