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Understanding Worker’s Compensation Insurance In Florida


Any company who operates a business in the state of Florida will need to be aware of the specific worker’s compensation Insurance requirements for their type of business. While not every company is required to have this type of insurance protection for their employees, the vast majority will certainly fall under this requirement. Today’s business owners will find that having the right insurance in place is an added incentive for employee loyalty.

A company that operates in the construction industry will be required to have worker’s compensation coverage if they have one or more employees, regardless of whether these employees work full-time or part-time. Likewise, other industries will be required to carry a worker’s compensation, Florida policy if they have 4 or more employees working either full or part-time.

Additionally, understanding who in the company is considered an employee can be confusing because it will vary depending on how the company or business has been legally set-up or organized. Corporate officers are eligible to file for an exemption if they choose; however, it is important to understand the requirements and file the necessary forms if an exemption is going to be requested.

While carrying this type of insurance policy on one’s employees may cost the employer in terms of added premiums, it is not only something that is legally required, but something that will in the long-run provide for a better working environment for everyone concerned. Employees need to have this important protection in the event that they are injured while performing their duties as an employee. After all, accidents happen every day and an employer who looks after the safety and well-being of their employees will reap the benefits of dedicated staff as well as the protection needed for medical bills or missed days from work.

There are many insurance providers that will be able to help a company put together the right type of worker’s compensation package; regardless of how big or small the company happens to be. Additionally, these insurance professionals can answer your questions regarding the specifications and requirements for your particular type of business.


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