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Commercial Insurance Tips

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Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Policies


Uncertainty is one of the leading factors that results in property and business owners choosing to purchase the various insurance policies available in Florida. There are a number of benefits that business and individuals can enjoy by purchasing commercial property and casualty insurance policies. There are various insurance companies that offer this service to clients in Florida. Insurance is a perfect risk management tool that ensures that the risks are transferred from one entity to another depending on the terms of the policy signed between the parties Casualty insurance generally encompasses insurance against accidents and includes compensations due to damages caused by these accidents.

Commercial Property Insurance for Tampa

This kind of insurance is not necessarily tied to a specific property. A business can purchase a crime insurance policy which is one of the casualty insurance available in Florida. This kind of insurance covers the business from any losses that may occur due to criminal activities such as theft. Political risk insurance is another kind of casualty insurance that aims at protecting the business and property from any political risks such as unrest that may affect the operations of the business negatively. Commercial property insurance also encompasses all the risks that the property is exposed to, for example theft, fire and extreme weather conditions.

There are a number of insurance forms in this category that property owners can choose to use to protect the business. This includes Landlord insurance that aims at covering all the risks that residential and commercial properties are exposed to. However many of the home owner insurance policies only cover the homes that are occupied by the owner unless under specific conditions. Earthquakes have caused a lot of damage property in the recent past. There is an earthquake insurance that can protect the property from any event of earthquakes evident. The rates of the policies usually depend on the location of the commercial property and the construction patterns of the home.

Flood insurance protects property from any loss that may occur as a result of flooding in the region however this form of insurance is provided by National Flood Insurance Program in the US. Commercial property insurance such as the home owner insurance includes a liability coverage that covers all the legal claims that may face the insurer. Public liability insurance provides room for the commercial property and casualty insurance policies to cover business and organizations against any legal claims in instances where the activities of the business harm an individual or property damage.

Environmental liability insurance protects the policy holder from damage of property that may result from environmental factors such as pollution, earthquakes and floods. The policy adopted by an individual or an organization should fully cover the property or business from all risks that may take place. A commercial property for example may be affected by interruption in the world markets such as inflation. To cater to this there is the business interruption insurance that cover the business from any loss of income in the process of carrying out its operations.

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