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Commercial Insurance Tips

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What Does Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Cover?

If you are planning on starting a business in Florida it is time to start researching Worker’s Compensation Insurance laws.  All business owners must invest in work comp insurance to protect their employees in the event that they are injured during the course of doing business.  Business owners who do not comply must pay penalties […]

Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Florida Commercial Flood Insurance

In many parts of the world where floods are experienced on a regular basis, commercial flood insurance is a necessity. It is very risky for business owners in the State of Florida to operate without this type of cover. This is because floods can cause extensive damage to buildings and their contents. According to official […]

Buying Commercial Flood Insurance in Tampa Florida

Commercial flood insurance in Florida is available through insurance agencies that offer policies to commercial enterprises. Just like residential property owners, commercial business owners may be required to purchase flood insurance if they are in a flood zone and have a mortgage on their property. Even if a business owns their building and property outright, […]

Wind Policies: The State of Florida Commercial Property Insurance

For the past two decades, Florida has had perplexing issues regarding commercial wind policies and deductibles. This dilemma began in the aftermath of hurricane Andrew in August of 1993. Fortunately, Andrew’s land fall strike was several degrees South via Southwest of the City of Miami resulting from a complete catastrophe not only from South Florida […]

Understanding Worker’s Compensation Insurance In Florida

Any company who operates a business in the state of Florida will need to be aware of the specific worker’s compensation Insurance requirements for their type of business. While not every company is required to have this type of insurance protection for their employees, the vast majority will certainly fall under this requirement. Today’s business […]