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Commercial Auto Insurance in Tampa Bay Florida


Typical drivers in Florida are required to carry car insurance. Even if it is only used to help to pay for the bills that the driver may injure, this sort of insurance is an important safety net. Commercial drivers are not immune from such necessities, nor are the businesses for which they work. Whether you own a single truck or you are trying to take care of a large fleet of vehicles, it is important to consider the very real necessity of having commercial auto insurance in Florida.

Commercial Coverage

Unlike typical consumer auto insurance, commercial coverage pays equal attention to the driver of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. In many cases, a business will have any number of vehicles available for employee use, and these vehicle policy will generally be in the name of the business itself. Were this sort of policy akin to a consumer contract, the policy would only cover named drivers. Commercial auto insurance in Florida, however, provides protection for both employees of the business and for the employers themselves. This makes for a far less risky driving experience for both the owners of the vehicle and for those driving. While having this sort of coverage cannot prevent accidents, it can prevent them from having a particularly negative effect on your business.

What to Remember About Commercial Auto Plans

Commercial auto insurance is a fine product to buy, it is important that you remember to talk to an agent about the various types of policies available. You may need particular coverage if your vehicles are used for an unusual purpose, if you own a large number of vehicles or if you have a larger number of potential drivers. You should also remember that commercial insurance does not tend to cover drivers or vehicles when they drive the vehicles outside of normal commercial purchases, and that consumer coverage should be maintained for such purposes.

If your business owns a fleet or even if your simply have one company car, it is often wise to consider purchasing commercial auto insurance. This sort of policy can help you to make sure that your car stays on the road and that it can be used by employees, and it can also protect you from incidents in which the vehicle may be involved during the course of regular business activity. Even if you are only considering purchasing your first commercial vehicle, it is wise to consult with a commercial insurance professional to determine your commercial auto insurance needs.

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