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What You Need To Know About Commercial Property Insurance in Tampa

Commercial Property Insurance

When you own a business in Florida, you need to make sure your business stays protected.  This is why it is imperative that you build a comprehensive insurance portfolio that will protect your business from the unexpected.  There are multiple forms of Florida commercial insurance that is designed to protect your business assets, your workers, your commercial property, and more.  All business owners in Florida need to carry commercial property insurance to cover the building where they operate as well as the business property and merchandise in the building.  Learn what commercial property insurance will cover and what you should consider when customizing your policy and bind your insurance through a commercial insurance agency you can trust.

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Property insurance is designed to cover owned and leased property.  You will be given the option to purchase a property owner’s policy or a tenants policy depending on whether or not you own the building in which you operate.  A commercial property insurance policy will cover most or all of your business’ physical assets. If you have a fire that destroys the building you own, the dwelling coverage will pay to repair or replace the building.  If a storm damages your outdoor signage, the policy will pay for a new sign.  If a pipe bursts and damages all of your paperwork, your policy will also pay for repairs.

What Can be Customized on Your Property Insurance Policy?

You can customize your commercial property insurance policy to suit the needs of your business.  If you are a tenant at a rental property or you own your building, you can change each of the following areas of the policy so you have enough coverage.  You can also consider your budget and adjust the limits as desired.

Coverage Options:

*  Dwelling limits (coverage for your building or tenant improvements)

*  Business property (coverage for your computers, furnishings, and merchandise located on premises)

*  Inventory

*  Landscaping (including permanently fixed fences, bushes, and trees)

*  Damage to the property of others.

Choosing the Right Agency

Now that you know what your commercial property insurance will cover, you need to start building a policy as soon as possible.  If you have insurance, make sure you bring your current insurance policy with you when you visit any agency you choose.  The agent should be dedicated to helping you build a policy that will provide you with an adequate level of protection.  You should check to see if the commercial insurer is financially stable and review customer commentary.  Consider the quality of service provided and how quickly claims are paid before choosing any agency.

You never want to be put in the situation where you need to use your insurance.   If you are put in the situation, you want peace of mind in knowing that your business and your property is covered with adequate coverage.  Take time to build a comprehensive insurance portfolio and ask the licensed agent for recommendations on other forms of Florida commercial insurance you may need for added protection. Call our third generation commercial insurance professionals at: (813) 962-3082 and know your business is well protected.