Commercial Flood Insurance

Flooding can occur anytime and it’s an extremely damaging element no matter what part of the country you live in. If you live in the Northeast, there’s rapid snow melt, in the Midwest you can expect the Mississippi River, for example, as well as many other waterways to flood the streets regularly.

flood-Let us not forget the tail end of our tropical storms and hurricanes here in Florida, especially if you happen to be located near the ocean. Flood hazards are extremely common in this region of our country. In Florida, hurricane season lasts for many months. Yearly flood damage in the United States amounts to millions of dollars. This is why flood insurance is so very important to you and your business…especially here in the beautiful state of Florida.

Most Commercial Property Insurance carries within it flood protection. You need to make sure this is part of your coverage. You may have to purchase a separate policy in some cases.

Here’s what you can expect to be covered by your Commercial Flood Insurance policy, whether in packaged form or separate coverage. Make sure you always cover and know the specifics.

  • Building protection – pays for repairs on your building, equipment, fixtures and general contents.
  • Through sandbag reimbursement, you can protect your building from damage at no cost using this preventive measure.
  • Clean-up of debris – building clean-up, trash/debris. You’ll have to initially pay for clean-up but will be reimbursed after your agent receives your claim.

Contact our agents regarding your choice of flood coverage and costs. Our agents can supply you with both information on commercial flood insurance policies and an explanation on how you can prevent severe flood-water damage. Our agents have expertise on Commercial Flood Insurance! Call us at (813) 962-3082.