Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses commercial vehicles, you will need commercial auto coverage. Your coverage will be based on the number of vehicles and drivers that need to be insured. The amount of vehicles is different for each insurer and it’s also dependent on the class of vehicles.

trucksWhen on-the-job collisions occur, Commercial Auto Insurance protects your business financially, whether you are a business owner or self-employed. This insurance offers you liability coverage, which protects you in case you are legally responsible for a collision that hurts someone else, or causes damage to their property. In general, your Commercial Auto Insurance should cover commercial use trailers, vans, trucks and cars…so, protect you and your business from…

  • Damage you or your drivers cause to vehicles or property others own.
  • Damage or total loss to your business vehicles.
  • Injury to others on the road.
  • Injury or death of drivers.

Discuss any concerns with our agents regarding commercial use protection. It’s always best to go with commercial car insurance because some policies for auto exclude this type.

scratchYour insurance cost can be lowered by…

  1. Installing safety and anti-theft devices
  2. Understanding your deductibles
  3. The location of your business
  4. Safe driving records
  5. What type of vehicles you choose such as environmentally friendly

Make sure your insurer is made aware of your state and federal regulatory standards for the operation of your vehicles. You might need extra coverage for hauling cargo interstate, delivering for others or leasing trailers and equipment. You may need non-owned vehicle coverage as well.

This is very important as this is a common mistake many businesses make. Make sure you know who the insured is. There is a difference between the main company and the leasing company as the titled owner on the policy! Put the full name of your company on your commercial auto policy as well as the titled owner, dba, employees and affiliates.

Out agents can help you to create a plan and fill in the details. Call us at (813) 962-3082.