What is Sinkhole Coverage?

What Every Tampa Bay Business Should Know About Sinkhole Insurance Coverage

It often seems that the very state of Florida is out to get business owners. On top of all of the normal commercial property challenges, there are several natural phenomena that can often cause owners trouble. High heat, humidity and rain can cause problems, as can the state’s notorious hurricanes. However, sinkholes may be one of the most insidious problems in the state. While they cannot be easily identified in the early stages of ownership, they can cause catastrophic damage at a moment’s notice. Given the prevalence of these phenomena in the state, it is often wise for business owners to consider getting coverage for sinkholes.

Commercial Sinkhole Coverage

Commercial sinkhole coverage is a rather specific type of property insurance. Under Florida law, all property insurers must offer this type of insurance to their clients in Florida. Due to the number of homes and businesses built in areas which might otherwise be considered unstable, this sort of insurance is offered as a realistic necessity in the state. Without it, insurers would likely be forced to charge significantly higher general rates for businesses in the state. However, the choice as to whether or not this sort of commercial property insurance should be purchased is ultimately up to the owner of the business.

Why Does Sinkhole Coverage Matter?

Like most catastrophic events, the damage caused by a sinkhole might not be covered by a typical commercial policy. Even if it is, the odds of a typical policy paying out the full costs of repair for a single incident like a sinkhole is highly unlikely. Given the nature of land in Florida, having this sort of policy is a rather smart hedge against what is also called “ground cover collapse”. Should such an incident occur without proper coverage, you may find that your commercial property has simply been rendered unusable to a point where repair is simply not profitable.

If you are not willing to gamble on the stability of the land under your commercial property, you may wish to consider commercial sinkhole property coverage. While it is likely that you were offered some sort of rider to cover this sort of damage with your general commercial property insurance, it is still wise to consult with a commercial insurance agent to determine the type of coverage that your business needs. Sinkholes, after all, are not the only natural phenomena in Florida that can cause sudden, irrevocable damage to your business.

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Wind Policies: The State of Florida Commercial Property Insurance

For the past two decades, Florida has had perplexing issues regarding commercial wind policies and deductibles. This dilemma began in the aftermath of hurricane Andrew in August of 1993.

Fortunately, Andrew’s land fall strike was several degrees South via Southwest of the City of Miami resulting from a complete catastrophe not only from South Florida but in essence, the entire insurance industry within the State Of Florida.

Unfortunately, the State Of Florida at this time, did not take counsel from admitted insurers thereby yielding and allowing gradual rate increase through time. Had this been executed. many admitted insurance carriers would have continued to procure commercial property coverage within the state of Florida. This in turn would have limited and curtailed the overall total amount of written property exposure with Citizens Insurance Company.

Citizens Insurance has engaged in writing and securing well over their capacity as to total volume, exposure, premium and reinsurance to facilitate their margin call for funding.

Plausible solutions for commercial wind coverages should be inclusive of total values to be insured whether 1 building or several overall total amounts of values, commonly known as Insurance To Value, i.e TIV.

These values must be appraised by entities segregating land value and replacement value of the physical structure or structures themselves, not by insurance carriers.

Case and point is personal Homeowners policies that Citizens Insurance demands be insured according to their reasoning and replacement cost value.

It is also imperative to consider what your options are as to deductibles offered and percentages and keeping in mind your Flood insurance values that need to be congruent with your Hazard Policy.

Most risk management actuarials have determined that most of Florida is a flood prone state. Proper assimilation and expert consultation from your insurance agent and or broker is vital to proper risk management and proper breakdown of individual policies. Call your agent and or broker to discuss all possibilities, options and premiums.

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Why Bother With Commercial Flood Insurance?

Commercial Flood Insurance in Florida

If you run a business, it is almost a given that you have basic property insurance. Few business owners, after all, have enough cash on hand to pay to completely rebuild a business from square one, and those that do are smart enough to know that a good insurance policy will not let them do so. If you live in Florida, you are also probably aware that a great deal of the damage that can strike your building is likely due to the state’s famous weather. As such, it might be time that you consider purchasing commercial flood insurance for your business properties.

It might come as a surprise to you, but basic property insurance does not cover flood damage. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most realistic is simple – deep down, no one really wants to pay for water damage. Water damage is insidious, quick to occur, and most of all expensive to repair.

It is no wonder, then, that a typical insurance policy will not cover a flood – it would not take very much damage for the policy to become maxed out after a single incident. As such, it is important to make sure that you purchase separate flood coverage. Not only will this coverage help you to make sure that your business is covered in the event of water damage, but the knowledge that you have it can help you to speed along your business’ recovery.

It may have been some time since a major hurricane devastated areas of Florida, but those that have lived through the storms know that the damage from flood waters is every bit as a bad as the wind. If you want to make sure that your investments stay safe, you really owe it to yourself to take a look at commercial flood insurance. While it does signify yet another cost of doing business, it is one cost that no Florida business owner should ignore. After all, it is the one type of policy that can help you to put your business back together when the waters once again go out of control.

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Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Policies

Uncertainty is one of the leading factors that results in property and business owners choosing to purchase the various insurance policies available in Florida. There are a number of benefits that business and individuals can enjoy by purchasing commercial property and casualty insurance policies. There are various insurance companies that offer this service to clients in Florida. Insurance is a perfect risk management tool that ensures that the risks are transferred from one entity to another depending on the terms of the policy signed between the parties Casualty insurance generally encompasses insurance against accidents and includes compensations due to damages caused by these accidents.

Commercial Property Insurance for Tampa

This kind of insurance is not necessarily tied to a specific property. A business can purchase a crime insurance policy which is one of the casualty insurance available in Florida. This kind of insurance covers the business from any losses that may occur due to criminal activities such as theft. Political risk insurance is another kind of casualty insurance that aims at protecting the business and property from any political risks such as unrest that may affect the operations of the business negatively. Commercial property insurance also encompasses all the risks that the property is exposed to, for example theft, fire and extreme weather conditions.

There are a number of insurance forms in this category that property owners can choose to use to protect the business. This includes Landlord insurance that aims at covering all the risks that residential and commercial properties are exposed to. However many of the home owner insurance policies only cover the homes that are occupied by the owner unless under specific conditions. Earthquakes have caused a lot of damage property in the recent past. There is an earthquake insurance that can protect the property from any event of earthquakes evident. The rates of the policies usually depend on the location of the commercial property and the construction patterns of the home.

Flood insurance protects property from any loss that may occur as a result of flooding in the region however this form of insurance is provided by National Flood Insurance Program in the US. Commercial property insurance such as the home owner insurance includes a liability coverage that covers all the legal claims that may face the insurer. Public liability insurance provides room for the commercial property and casualty insurance policies to cover business and organizations against any legal claims in instances where the activities of the business harm an individual or property damage.

Environmental liability insurance protects the policy holder from damage of property that may result from environmental factors such as pollution, earthquakes and floods. The policy adopted by an individual or an organisation should fully cover the property or business from all risks that may take place. A commercial property for example may be affected by interruption in the world markets such as inflation. To cater to this there is the business interruption insurance that cover the business from any loss of income in the process of carrying out its operations.

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Commercial Property Insurance: Why is it Necessary?

Commercial Property Insurance Can Save Your Business

Properly insuring your small business can mean the difference between prosperity and catastrophe. Choosing the right policy will protect your livelihood from fire, flood, tornado and a host of other devastating events. While the thought of paying a monthly premium may have some tightening their purse strings; investing in a quality commercial property insurance plan can save thousands, or even millions, of dollars.

Whether you rent or own, choose a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of your business. There are several different types of policies available, depending on the scope of the company and the location. Research your options carefully to ensure you are getting the best coverage. If your business is in a flood, earthquake or hurricane zone, make certain that your policy includes those additions. A crime addendum may also be offered to protect against theft or damage.

Basic commercial property insurance will typically cover common issues, such as fire or lightening. This type of plan is usually very narrow in reach and may be best for small companies that cannot afford a more comprehensive policy. For protection against water damage from sprinkler systems, rain or snow you will need to upgrade to a broad insurance plan. For complete coverage, drafting a special form policy is the best choice. This will allow you to customize the exact protection you need at a rate that fits your budget. Another benefit for this option is you will not be paying for services that are not applicable to your situation. Speak with an insurance provider for more information about the individual add-ons available.

The pay-outs for an insurance claim depend on the specific company’s regulations. The majority of claims will be reimbursed with the actual cash value of an item, the cost of a replacement, or a combination of the two. Contact your insurance agent if you have any questions about how the monetary value is set on your items. Replacement cost coverage is typically more expensive than a plan that only pays the actual cash value. However, your company will receive more money in the event of a disaster.

By shopping around for the best coverage at a rate that fits your budget, you will find a commercial property insurance company that best fits the needs of your business. The cost of a monthly payment is a small amount to invest for the peace of mind and protection of your establishment. Call our Tampa commercial insurance professionals at (813) 962-3082 and let us help.