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Commercial General Liability

It is law in Florida that companies conducting business in the state must purchase a general liability policy from insurance companies who are authorized to trade in the state of Florida. Even Contractors doing business in Florida must also have a general liability policy with an amount of cover specified by the city in which they are doing business. Commercial General Liability Insurance is the most important asset your business can have and should be the best you can afford. Today’s society is very litigious, and even small mishaps can result in big lawsuits and monetary compensation.

The Commercial General Liability Insurance, is the most critical type of business insurance. This vital protection ensures your business can continue to trade if a case is brought against you instead of being wiped out by compensation payments. It is the security and assurance that you and your staff need, secure in the knowledge there are safeguards in place for the business to keep running smoothly. The Commercial General Liability Insurance is your first line of defense whenever there are any liability judgements against your business

A Commercial General Liability policy has four main types of cover. Included are Bodily Injury and Personal Injury liability, and Property Damage and Advertising Liability

This valuable insurance cover will help pay for any judgments against your company under the following cover: Property Damage. This liability relates to any damaged possession or property belonging to a client, visitor, or other business caused by the business owner, staff, product, or service. If the claim is upheld, damages will be paid. Bodily Injury. If the business causes harm to another person accidentally or through sickness, disease, injury or death, the bodily injury liability of a Commercial General Liability Insurance will cover most of the finances amassed from compensation and other payments granted by the law. Business premises or products can be held liable.

Personal Injury Liability.

Personal injury liability protects the business against non-physical damage. This covers any damages of the character, reputation, or industry or commercial standing of an individual. Libel and slander claims are protected under this cover. Advertising Liability This feature will defend you and your business against any unintentional or intentional advertising or promotional damage inflicted on another person or business. Usual disputes center on trademark issues and copyright issues. False statements and defamation about competitors or other business entities are also covered.

To mitigate risks and keep insurance premiums down, business owners should ensure they pay attention to staff education, health and safety procedures, accident prevention, and product safety.

Train staff in health and safety procedures High standard of product quality control Maintain company records properly Ask your insurance company for advice Adhere to best practice in employment regulations

As highly experienced insurance brokers, we pride ourselves on providing the right solution for your business to bring you the best Commercial General Liability Insurance policy at an affordable price. We can help whatever the business type and can tailor a policy just for you. Talk to us today for a free no obligation quotation.

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About Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance: Protection Against Litigation

Some businesses are annihilated in a war with their competitors; others suffer the self-inflicted suicide of bad management, and many fall victim to the indiscriminate plague of a general recession.

For a company without commercial general liability insurance, litigation can be murder. A lawsuit can come during a period of peak financial health and quickly leave a business lifeless, bled of all resources. The business world can be a rough neighborhood, and it can be tragic to ignore options that offer protection from the consequences of liability.

If you own a business, you need coverage so that your business survives when someone suffers an injury caused by an action or inaction of yours or an employee’s. A conscientious company with well thought out policies reduces the probability and the occurrence of accidents, but does not eliminate them. A modest oversight of a simple matter of apparent negligible consequence can suddenly leave a customer injured and the business blindsided with litigation

Skilled lawyers are effective at exploiting the clarity that comes with hindsight. A most subtle, indiscernible factor can cause an accident. After the fact, in court, that small indicator can be singled out and referenced repeatedly until the jury comes to think that only through incompetence or neglect would someone not have recognized this seemingly obvious sign of impending danger.

Even if you win the case, the legal fees that mount up throughout the process can be an oppressive burden on a business. With commercial general liability insurance policies, the insurance provider pays these fees and the policyholder’s business does not sacrifice operating capital to pay attorneys. With most policies, legal fees have no effect on the policy limits. Even if the claim against the business is false, the insurer has a duty, defined in law, to defend. If you lose the case, it is also the duty of the insurer to indemnify, which means the insurer must pay all costs up to the policy limit.

Civil liability has become sport for a large portion of the U.S. glut of lawyers. Every day lawyer after lawyer pops up in TV commercials promoting free consultations and reminding viewers of the prevalence of large sums awarded by juries. It is a “You can hit the jackpot” pitch and it works very well.

Attorney ads must be at least three pounds of the phonebook. All this hawking is motivated by a bead on business, and you could easily find your company in the crosshairs. Take cover. Protect your company with commercial general liability insurance. Call our Tampa commercial insurance specialists at (813) 962-3082 and let us help.