About Mid Florida Insurance Professionals

Mid Florida Insurance Professionals birth in 2004 was largely due to insurance executives that decided to break free of traditional agency protocol. We had realized that smart insurance folks make a proactive approach to the property and casualty industry by offering options in risk management for the mutual benefit and advancement of our clients in lieu of beneficial gain for insurance companies. Many deemed our mission as impossible by taking client consideration over and above our companies; however, our agency continues to prevail based on this perspective.

mfWhether new in business or existing, helping our clients is our number one priority. Each and every crew member aboard Mid Florida Insurance Professionals has at least 20 years experience not only in the property and casualty industry but experience for over 20 years in the property and casualty industry in the state of Florida. The state of Florida has no comprehension nor regulatory tort reform law.

This perplexing issue haunts insurance companies and their willingness to continue writing property and casualty insurance in Florida. Insurance carriers that have filed rates within the state of Florida must continuously adjust their rates accordingly in conjunction with overall loss ratios. Many insurance companies that have written and procured risks within this state for years have decided to leave.  This is largely due to the fact that the state has failed to allow financially strong companies take rate increases due to attorneys and their frivolous lawsuits.

Our research and development division is under the direction of Robin Waters, who headed the state of Florida as chief analyst for 3 Insurance commissioners, Bill Gunter, Tom Gallagher and Bill Nelson.

Our sales division is under the direction of William A. Waters III, who has represented over 200 domestic and foreign insurance carriers since 1987.

Mid Florida Insurance Professional is unique in it’s own way. We focus on the mere principle of options for our insured’s. For instance, options regarding wind deductibles on property driven accounts as to overall limits and insurance to value (TIV) taking coinsurance in to consideration as well.

We also strive to find policy endorsements that can tailor business’s needs as to their particular forte. For instance, this can best be exemplified by a Boiler & Machinery policy. For as little as 250-300 dollars, a business can retain coverage for equipment breakdown and loss of a business’s particular


Mid Florida Insurance Professionals is excited about Risk management. Call us at (813) 962-3082.